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Our services are available to Art Agencies, School Districts, Museums, Galleries, Cities and Businesses that are interested in sponsoring free programming for their community.

Providers: Yoruba 2 

Public program for all.

Come teach, learn and fun in Family.


Bomba Apprenticeship 

March -June 2023

an hour, every Thursday of bilingual Bomba percussion workshop in which we teach a brief history of Bomba music,  how to play the instruments, the vocal calls and responses, and the different rhythms (Sicá, Yubá, Holandés and others).




Age:5 - 12 with Parents

Capacity 20​

Cost per month: 1,800.00

​Contact us to make arrangement.


Community Bombazo

Every year

Bombazo is a  Puerto Rican Performance Community, where musicians, dancers and audiences gather in celebration of our Bomba music, our language and our culture as a big celebration  of "Fiesta de Pueblo" in Rhode Island and other New England state.

Providers:  Yoruba 2


Contact us to make arrangement.

Plena workshop

Plena Workshop in School

An hour Every Monday of bilingual Plena percussion workshop in which we teach a brief history of Plena music in Puerto Rico, how to play the instruments, the vocal calls and responses, and the different rhythms. One day Workshop/Performance


In school Curriculim

Grade levels: K-12

Capacity: 30+

Sponsorship in the CHC

Age:5 - 12 with Parents

Capacity 20

​Contact us to make arrangement.


Community Plenazo

Plenazo is a Puerto Rican entertainment music in which the pleneros sings and improvised line and the audience respond with a repetitive chorus. Our gathering is in celebration of our holiday days or a great celebration in our community.

Cost: $1,800.00 RI

$2,500.00 outside RI

Providers:  Yoruba 2

Contact us to make arrangement.


Mask making apprenticeship and Exhibit

The program is designed to create masks or any figure that reflect the learning program. The masks are used to teach the history of carnivals in Puerto Rico, teaching children to make their own masks and use them for the final event that can be a Carnaval, a show with poetry, Exhibit or simply to give it to their parents.

The program is available for Connecticut and Massachusetts, grade levels 6, 7, 8, curriculum of Social studies. In Rhode Island as an Arts Form for after school programs Maximum children: 10

A month 2 times per week ​

or flexible time with the apprentices

Contact us to make arrangement.

See our travelling collection

Wood carving apprenticeship and Exhibit

The Puerto Rican cultural tradition is loaded with palo de santos, one of the traditions rooted in the Roman Catholic Church that dates back two centuries. It is currently considered one of the most popular and recognized arts worldwide.

 The saints are figures carved in wood and play an important role in family life, community celebrations and national identity.

This art has survived and continues its trajectory inspiring master craftsmen to teach this trade as economic development in youth, adults and the most sought after hobby among collectors.

Maximum: 5 people

Community apprenticeship

observing members: 3 people

 5 month: January - July, 2023

Contact us to make arrangement

See our travelling collection

for Family Apprenticeship program
call: 401 737-0751

1005 main St. Suite 2228, Pawtucket, RI 02860


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