PRIAA has held traditional Puerto Rican festivals in Central Falls, Woonsocket, and Providence. These festivals are known in Puerto Rico as "Fiestas de Pueblo". According to the 1996 Rhode Island Monthly Magazine, p. 31. refer to us and we quote: "It was more than a festival, it was" a meeting in which the Puerto Rican and Latino communities merged".

Since 1996 PRIAA have collaborated with great leaders in the Puerto Rican and other ethnicity Community. Now, we have brought our Fiesta de Pueblo under the Caribbean Arts program for Education throughout New England.
Olga Silva- Founder Blackstone Valley Committee/ Fiesta de Pueblo
Arlene Ayala, Director of Art and Culture Committee
The Puerto Rican Institute of Arts and Advocacy, Inc., (PRIAA) works with state agencies, city agencies, universities, school districts, museums, galleries, and existing organizations; bringing the best of the Caribbean arts and traditions of Puerto Rico to the state of Rhode Island. We network with other organizations in Boston, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. PRIAA has brought authentic folklore from Puerto Rico with a significant number of artists directly from the island. PRIAA's efforts in the arts have brought to Rhode Island great ethnic diversity and a growing respect for Puerto Ricans and Latinos in general.