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The Puerto Rican Institute for the Arts and Advocacy, Inc., (PRIAA) is dedicated to promoting civic and cultural awareness services for the Puerto Rican community in Rhode Island.
(PRIAA) runs Caribbean Arts programs in the community and in education. We are a creative performing arts organization, and as an integrated arts and academic facility, we have nurtured future 21st century leaders.

Our Cultural Heritage Center is a new space available for teaching, learning, and cultural exchange in Rhode Island.

PRIAA has held traditional Puerto Rican festivals in Central Falls, Woonsocket, and Providence. These festivals are known in Puerto Rico as "Fiestas de Pueblo". According to the 1996 Rhode Island Monthly Magazine, p. 31. refer to us and we quote: "It was more than a festival, it was" a meeting in which the Puerto Rican and Latino communities merged".
Since 1996 PRIAA have collaborated with great leaders in the Puerto Rican and other ethnicity Community. Now, we have brought our Fiesta de Pueblo under the Caribbean Arts program for Education throughout New England.


PRIAA works to advocate for the Puerto Rican community. Our goal is to reach out to our Puerto Rican communities to keep and maintain a sense of pride in their cultural identity and language, and to demonstrate the importance of maintaining that intergenerational pride. We use the arts as our main tool to maintain the preservation of Puerto Rican culture in our state and others state in New England. We advocate for our Puerto Ricans as Americans and maintain the respect we deserve as citizens who contribute to the social, political, economic, and cultural well-being of the nation. We strive to openly share our heritage with other nationalities as an integral aspect of Caribbean and Latino culture in general; creating from our collective history a pillar of communication and cultural moral values ​​among our population.


Developing a visible community with training, music and Arts

Artists Exchange program

Every Wednesday
6:30pm - 8:00pm
Open Family membership application
Welcome all

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