The Puerto Rican Institute for Arts and Advocacy, Inc. (PRIAA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote civic, cultural awareness and advocacy for the Puerto Rican and Latinos through the Arts. 


The Puerto Rican Institute for Arts and Advocacy, (PRIAA), founded in 1994, works arduously to advocate for the Puerto Rican community, and Latinos.


We strive to reach our communities with lessons to emerge them in a sense of pride of their cultural identity, their language, and at the same time acquire the commitment to maintain, develop, and transmit that pride generationally.


Our advocacy directs through the arts and expressions to maintain the heritage of  Puerto Rican population. We advocate for the respect we deserve as American citizens who contribute to the social, political, economic, and cultural well being of the entire nation.


We strive to extend our culture to other Latino nationalities, as well as other nationalities as an integral part our own culture, in particular the Caribbean culture creating from our culture a cornerstone of communication among our population which lets us feel identified and proud of our cultural values and morals; of our race, our language, and our idiosyncrasy; as a point of union and brotherhood.

Jibaritos, Country Music
Making masks

Artists from Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachussets

L-R: Jesus Andujar, Roberto Arias from Rhode Island; Bernardo Hernandez from Boston and the international artist Lorena Garay from Connecticut.

Performance with Yoruba 2