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SanSe Festival, Fiestas de Loiza or Fiestas de Ponce

Which of them do you choose?


Students in grade 4,5,6,7,8


# of section: 8 (2 days per week)

Time length of Sessions: 45 minutes

Preferred timeline: All year

Maximum number of classes that can be served: 1 class of 20 children

Attendance at the final event: All school

The school must provide: an auditorium or a big space for the performance.  Sound systems, Two microphones, 3 chairs


Providers by Lydia Perez and Yidell Rivera - Artisans​


​TRANSFORM THE CLASSROOM in a Sanse, Loiza or Ponce Festival is a cultural journey of music, dance and procession  in the carnivals of the Island of Enchantment (Puerto Rico). Students and teacher will learn the traditionals music and dance of Bomba or Plena, using traditional instruments, songs, costumes of the respectively towns,  and finish with a Carnivals-Style procession.
The Carnival will be a traditional Musical and dance performance in which we will be using the culture of Puerto Rico as a tool in the education.


The Carnival is designed to teach and engage school teachers and children, in a powerful historical Caribbean event,  and invoke them to connect or reconnect to the heritages and cultures they come from. To teach them to connect with their Identity, and to develop and promote the best of the tradition of Puerto Rico.

Knowledge that the students need before the residency begins

Rhythmic skills of any kind; Instruments skills, preferably percussion and small percussion such as: hand drum, bell, stick and maracas, dance skills, etc.

Required Residency Components:  A Planning Discussion with participating teachers and a Residency Evaluation.

Cost: $3,000.00

Out of state: 3,500.00

Contact us to make arrangement.


Dance, music and masks making (Combo). Include: 8 workshop of Masks making, ​Dance, Music and Culminating event with student performance with professional members of Yoruba 2.

Veronica Robles Cultural Center, Boston, MA
Residency  for dance, music and masks

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